Tough Decisions

I have been sitting here agonizing over whether the time for Ki Ki’s freedom to be restricted and move her to a winter pen. Yesterday she got in the duck pen and nearly killed a duck, while I struggled to get the snow out of the way to get the gate open and go in and stop her. (That was a battle and a half) Then she killed the last of Jamie’s chickens that they couldn’t catch for the winter. (There was no way I could get over a 4 foot fence in time to stop that one)

This morning she was trying to get into the rabbits as I fixed their waterers and then slipped into the chicken coop while I watered them. (Ever ben trapped in a confined space with 20 frantic chickens and a bobcat? I don’t recommend t. It’s ugly)
I swatted her for the first time in her life. She was as shocked at the swat with the water ladle as I was that my aim was that good. She gave me a look that told me I was DEFINATELTY going to bobcat hell and muttered obscenities as she took off into the snow.

Her prey drive is becoming so strong. So is she. Even though everyone is pretty much caged where she can’t get them, I wondered if the wild cat in her would obsess till she found a way in.I want her to hunt and to feed herself, I just don’t want it to me MY animals.

So I’m sitting here, trying to figure this all out and I notice it’s quiet. Too quiet. That usually means Sophie has sneaked over the fence and is off checking pee mail around the neighborhood. I went in the living room to look for her.
There on the couch was Sophie the Labrador with her bobcat curled against her tummy, both asleep.

Well, maybe the cage can wait a little longer.

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